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Advertising & Business Marketing

AdvertisingHave you become frustrated when it comes to trying to figure out a marketing plan for your business? That's where Eighty8 Entertainment can help.


You may be thinking there are so many choices, what's right for my business? Eighty8 Entertainment specializes in voice over production and radio marketing.  We will provide you not only with a great radio ad, but also work to provide you with the best rates from local and regional radio stations. 


We offer other marketing and promotions that can meet the needs of any business big or small. By using multiple forms of advertising your campaign will be a success!


Here are some of the areas we can help:


A good radio spot is more than an announcer reading the copy from a print ad. Radio uses theater of the mind to draw listeners in, know who you are, and sell them on the benefits on your business. Not only is a spot that sells a key, we will put together a schedule to meet maximum impact for your business.


Whether it's newspaper, direct mail, a magazine, or a program for a special event print can draw your customers in with a good headline, effective design, and proper copy points to draw the reader in and extend the shelf life of the ad.


Digitial/Social Media

The latest way for a business to get their word out to customers is via the internet. Whether it's designing a website, Facebook page, or Twitter account we can help put your business on the fast track to success.


We have several levels of marketing plans available. Contact us today so we can get started with helping your business grow.


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